Art-Pop-Duo. W-Pop. Ambient. Beats. Vox. 


Music connects. The music collective & (Ampersand) relies on this dogma and creates a platform that wants to go beyond usual concert experiences. The art-pop duo consists of the British ambient artist Alex Smalley alias Olan Mill (production/electronics) and the former Chapeau Claque singer Maria Antonia Schmidt (vocals/songwriting), who met in 2016 on a snorkeling trip on the Pacific Ocean. The music of & (Ampersand) is a joyful walk between contemporary genres and can best be described by the keywords: colourful, experimental and cathartic. The concerts of & (Ampersand) combine the musical with the visual and the sensual with all senses. 

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Album in process

We are in the middle of the production of our debut album. 


In january we were invited to the Atomino Studios in Erfurt to play one of the fabulous intimate atomino studio concerts.

Supporting Steve Houseshild at Trafo

In November & (Ampersand) supported the electronic master Steve Housechild (Chicago) at the Trafo in Jena.

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